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LiveTV Media Delivery

  1. Besides operating a Content and Media division, TVAsia Broadband also provides dedicated Media Delivery services. Managing an environment where the platform for delivery has become as critical as the content delivered, corporate users are learning to leverage on new media to reach out effectively to their audience. TVAsia Broadband responds with timely solutions targeted at corporations aiming to stand out among the competition.

    LiveTV - Integrated Webcasting Solution

    LiveTV is an integrated, complete suite of media delivery solutions developed to meet the growing need for high quality webcasting from both private and public sector organisations. With the increasing demand for speed, precision and reliability in communications, webcasting has become a popular alternative media for various applications including financial reporting, business announcements, corporate events, product launches and large-scale events coverage. Whether live or on demand, webcasting demands flawless delivery in order to achieve maximum results.

    Value-added features

    - Customised webcast browser for strong corporate branding.
    - Synchronised slides to enhance content presentation of the webcast.
    - Integrated Post-a-Question feature enables real-time interaction with web audience.
    - Viewer registration database development and management for effective tracking and
    - profiling.
    - Development and delivery of video email for personal, rich-media email invitations.
    - Web-based reporting and metrics for anytime, anywhere access to real-time
    - viewership data analysis.

    The scope of services available via LiveTV is:

    LiveTV Platinum
      This is a package tailored to fit the needs of clients with high demands on their webcast service. It comes with high-powered tools for monitoring, analysis and follow-up marketing activities.

    Live + archived video webcast package with streaming in three bit rates and viewer registration database development and management
    LiveTV Gold
      A high-speed webcast package that includes high quality production and useful features like edge delivery, real-time audience interaction and viewership reporting.

    Live + archived video webcast package with streaming in two bit rates
    LiveTV Silver - AudioCast

    The low bandwidth audio streaming requirement enables clients to reach the broadest audience base. All the essentials are included to enable a customised webcast with audio and slide synchronization as well as efficient webcast turnaround time.

    Archived audio only webcast package with live webcast as an option


  2. TVAsia Broadband, is an Internet Content Provider and is automatically licensed via the Singapore Class License Scheme to perform it's role as a business internet media to provide the above services. More information available at MDA website: MDA
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